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View from Ketep Pass. Img: wikicommons/Ng Min Shen

Ketep PassEntrance Fee: Rp50.000-Rp60.000Opening Hours: 06:00-17:00 WIBTelp. Number: Address: Jl. Ketep, Ketep Pass, , Ketep, Sawangan , Magelang, Jawa Tengah , Indonesia , 56481.

Glare the mesmerizing view of Mount Merapi and Merbabu. Situated on the rural side of the city. Ketep Pass is not too far from Borobudur Temple. This popular destination offers educational tourism activities. It also features the dramatic sunrise view and the marvelous landscape from 1200 meters hill.

From the highest point of Ketep Pass, Panca Arga yard. Guests can see the five mountains. Just sound as its name, Panca means five and Arga means mountain. Panca Arga symbolizes the number of the mountain. From mount Merapi, Merbabu, Sumbing, Sindoro, and Slamet.

To get a clear view of a mountain landscape. Binocular provided for visitors in Gardu Pandang deck. Next to the Panca Arga. After revel in the exotic panorama. Make sure to visit the educative spot Ketep Volcano Theatre and Volcano Center. The theater and museum provide not only information about Indonesian Mountain. But also the 101 of a volcano as well.The observation yard. Img: wikicommons/Ng Min Shen

Ketep pass also provides other facilities to make sure visitors will get the best experience. Relax and savor all the appetizing menu in the restaurant or food stall. Set in the upper floor of Ketep Volcano Theater. The guest can enjoy delectable cuisine. Along with the magnificent view of Mount Merapi and Merbabu.Ketep Pass Top Activities

Surrounded by a green area and spectacular mountain scenery. And a nonpolluted air is the most reason why people keep coming here. The sunrise experience is different from other places. In a sunny day, the visitor can see the splendiferous dawn. Appears in the middle of Mount Merapi and Merbabu.

The best spot to catch the sunrise is from the Panca Arga yard. The photography enthusiast will be thrilled by the sensational ridge view. Snap the impressive sunrise and capture the life of the locals living on the slope of the mountain.Food stall and a small restaurant with a view. Img: Street BoyPanca Arga & Gardu Pandang Observation Deck

Observe and get a better view from the Observation Deck. There are 2 binocular placed both in Panca Arga and Gardu Pandang yard. See the contour and pattern vegetation that covers the 5 mountain. Guest can see not only the five mountains around Ketep Pass.

Both and the hill in surrounding, Tidar, Andong, Pring, Menoreh, and Telomoyo hill. The green fields in the neighborhood and the locals growing vegetables in front of their yard. The guest should pay an additional charge for renting a binocular.

The locals living next to the area mostly will also offer binocular. The price for binocular rent will cost starting from Rp3.000,- to Rp10.000,- for 20 minutes or more.

Ketep Pass Volcano Center

Ketep Pass not only presents a beautiful landscape but also offers an educative tourist destination. People will get a new insight and awareness of the volcano in Indonesia. Check the museum and volcano theater. The learning center in Ketep Pass is a good source to know more mainly about Mount Merapi.

The unique circular shape building, the volcano center display the miniature of Mount Merapi. The famous mountain for its explosion impact back in 2010. The sample of rocks eruption, a poster of Mount Merapi peak. The picture of flood cold lava early warning. And the documentation of Mount Merapi eruption from years to years.

Try the stereoscope tools to see the documentation taken from above in 3D format. There is no additional charge for the visitor to visit this museum. After exploring the museum, watch the documenter film at Volcano Theatre. With a small capacity, the theater accommodates 78 audiences in each session.Binocular from the observation deck. Img: wikicommons/Ng Min Shen

The Volcano theater shows Mount Merapi history in cinematography. Watch the action of Merapi during the eruption. The duration of the documenter film is 25 minutes. And the movie will begin with 15 audiences. There is an additional charge to watch the documenter movie.Ketep Pass Opening Hours

The location of the hill is only 30 km from Borobudur Temple, Punthuk Setumbu and Chicken Church. People mostly combine and list Ketep Pass at the same time. On the weekend and holiday, Ketep Pass is crowded by the local tourist.

To get a clear view of the 5 mountain come here during the dry season. The best month to visit the highland is from June to August. Wear warm clothes and bring the jacket as the weather can be unpredictable sometimes.Ketep Pass Opening HoursEveryday06:00 -17:00 WIB

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There is two entrance fee price for a foreign visitor. The normal weekday and weekend. Also Sunday and national holiday price. The entrance fee doesn’t include the cinema entrance ticket. There is additional price to watch the documenter in Volcano Theater and binocular rental.Ketep Pass Entrance FeeMonday to Saturday50.000Sunday & National Holiday60.000Volcano Theather9.000Binocular5.000Car Parking Fee5.000Motorcycle Parking Fee2.000

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Craving for some food after exploring the entire area. Sit back and order a delightful Indonesia cuisine in Ketep Pass Restaurant. Located on the second floor of Ketep Volcano theater. The wall glass of the restaurant offers a spectacular view of Mount Merapi and Merbabu.

Ketep Resto serves various cuisine from Indonesian traditional menu and Chinese food. With the range for food and beverage start from Rp4.000 to Rp55.000,-. There is some street food stall around the area. Mainly serving Indonesian favorite snack. Try the most favorite street food in Ketep Pass, roasted corn. The dish will cost not more than Rp10.000 for the snack.How To Get To Ketep Pass

Ketep Pass located 50 km from the center of Yogyakarta or it’s an hour driving. To get there, people will have to go on a bus from the bus terminal in Yogyakarta.

Find a microbus that going to Semarang or Magelang. Tell the driver to stop at the junction of Blabak area. From Blabak, find another microbus that headed to Ketep Pass.Ketep Pass Address & Location

The observation deck and Museum is located in Jalan Ketep, Ketep Pas, Sawangan, Magelang region, Jawa Tengah 56481.

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